Hyrule Warriors Legends is a faithful recreation of the Wii U version, crammed down into your pocket on New Nintendo 3DS.
Right off the bat it’s worth noting that those with the older Nintendo 3DS models will suffer from some performance hits, thanks to the slightly less powerful processing capabilities and the lack of a second control stick. For everyone else, the game runs as intended.
Hyrule Warriors Legends combines the characters from the Legend of Zelda series with the gameplay of the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Gameplay takes place on huge battlefields with scores of enemies running and attacking, overtaking strong holds and bases and unleashing powerful bosses.
We’re tasked with managing an army. We do this by controlling a group of commanders: hero characters who are far more effective at fighting than any of the CPU comrades (or enemies, for that matter). Link, Zelda, Sheik and many more from the series are all here to fight off those invading Hyrule.
Hyrule Warriors Legends
As the battle progresses, events will happen on the field that require our attention. Maybe a friend is getting over run, or a base is about to be taken by the enemy. Often time enemy commanders will try to flee, our duty is to stop them. How we succeed or fail in these missions will greatly affect the outcome of the battle and, in certain ways, the progression of the overall story. Usually, suffering a failure will affect the morale of the entire army, making it easier for the enemy to take over. On the flip side, a major success will do the opposite, and the gloomy opponents will be a pushover.
Overall, the game doesn’t exactly feel like a Zelda title. Sure, all the elements are there from ruppees to moblins, fairies and even lesser known but fondly remembered characters. Even Tingle. But the gameplay is so embedded into the Dynasty Warriors roots that it comes off as a fresh, fun and rewarding experience. Sure, it’s not as powerful an experience as the Wii U version in terms of technical prowess, but there’s a lot more content on offer here that lends to a more satisfying experience to its more powerful brother.
A new character named Linkle enters the fray along with characters and stages based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the latter adding a new epilogue chapter to the game. There’s also a “My Fairy” side game that has us taking care of fairies you free in Adventure Mode. Doing so adds special abilities to your character through the main campaign. This mode is one for the completionists especially.
Hyrule Warriors Legends
What Hyrule Warriors Legends does so well is packs a huge wallop of value into the tiny Nintendo 3DS game card. While the overall experience isn’t a huge departure to the Wii U version — not that it’s really trying to be — the game feels incredibly solid and well placed on the handheld.

Editor's Rating

Presentation 7.1
Gameplay 8.5
Engagement 9.0
Overall Impression 8.5
A solid fit for the Nintendo 3DS, Hyrule Warriors Legends offers a huge amount of value and hours of fun in a surprisingly solid package.
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